Senior Citizens Council

The Senior Council (SCC) is a community-based organization that was established 40 years ago by a coalition of local organizations who recognized a growing need among seniors in the area for professionally run programs and services. The Tuckahoe Senior Citizens opened its doors in 1970 as the first program of its kind in Westchester. The Bronxville Senior Center was established in 1974.

Our mission is to reduce the instances of isolation and loneliness often found in the senior population. Our center programs enable older adults to continue as part of the mainstream community. Our Philosophy is based on the premise that aging is a normal development process; that people need peers with whom they can interact and are available as a source of encouragement and support; and that senior adults have the right to have a voice in determining matters in which they have a vital interest.

The council oversees administrative operations and activities in both the Bronxville and Tuckahoe centers. Our volunteer board is responsible for raising funds for the salaries of the two professional directors and the part-time administrative assistant, and to financially support some of the Center's programs and services.

*indicates member of the Executive Committee

Barbara Dimpel *
Irma Damhuis *
Juliet Zygmunt *
Linda Nagle *
Joan Henle *
Mary Liz Mulligan *

Minnie Allen
Sarah Belair
Jacqueline Bunn
Laura Cerasi
Mary Ella Crane
Veronica Darcy
Denzil Francis
Elizabeth Harriss
Cathy Hurley
Marjorie MacAllister
Lynn Mann
Gail McCarthy
Kay McCarthy
Barbara McGrath
Bunny Micolino
Lorraine Mohan
Jean Murrer
Mary O'Sullivan
Margaret Torell
Kathleen Winter